The Natural Health Practice Agnus Castus Premium Support

The Natural Health Practice Agnus Castus Premium Support

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Formulated to help regulate female hormone balance for all menstrual women.

Agnus Castus Premium Support has been formulated by Dr. Marilyn Glenville PhD in association with The Natural Health Practice using four very specific organic herbs that work well and in harmony with each other yet have their own specific role in hormone balance. The addition of vitamin B6 and magnesium further complement the main ingredients to create a powerful option for women during their monthly cycle.

Magnesium and vitamin B6 contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and the normal functioning of the nervous system. Vitamin B6 also contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity.

All nutrients are in their most bio-available form to aid absorption and the highest quality possible to ensure maximum effectiveness in the shortest amount of time.

60 Caps


2 capsules will provide:

Agnus Castus - 100mg

Skullcap - 100mg

Milk Thistle - 90mg

Lemon Balm - 60mg

Magnesium (as citrate) - 60mg

Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate) - 25mg

Capsule Shell:

Vegetable cellulose

Free from:

Gluten, yeast, dairy, artificial flavours, colours and preservatives

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians


Take 1-3 capsules daily with food or as professionally directed.

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