Chaga Health Elixir Elemental Organic 250ml

Chaga Health Elixir Elemental Organic 250ml

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Inspired by the original Elemental Elixir, the Immuno Elixir boosts both grown ups and childrens’ immunity system. Powerful Immuno Elixir is high in vitamin C, chaga, sea buckthorn and various nordic herbs plus honey. All the ingredients we use are well known in the nordic folklore, but also have scientifically proven effects on human body and mind. All ingredients are used to restore and strengthen the organism and can prevent various diseases. Strong immunity keeps us healthy. Immuno Elixir is safe to use on children from 3 years of age.


Ingredients: Water, chaga mushroom extract (Inonotus obliquus), sea buckthorn juice (Hippophae rhamnoides), honey, pine puds extract (Pinus sylvestris), yarrow flower part extract (Achillea millefolium), vitamin C.

Directions: One dose for an adult 25 ml before meals twice a day, maximum daily dose 50 ml.

Consumption of Immuno Elixir for children
Daily dosage for children *:
4**-8 y 6 ml
9-13 y 11 ml
14-18 y 16 ml 

The amount of vitamin C obtained with other nutrients should be also taken into account and the amount of elixir reduced accordingly.
1tablespoon= 5 ml

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