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Eden Perfume 479 Molecular

Eden Perfume 479 Molecular

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A magical world of intrigue awaits you with this perfume. The initial smell is similar to that of pencil shavings, but give it 10 minutes or so and its true mystery will begin to unfold. This is a somewhat strange perfume in-so-much as you don’t really detect it on yourself - however other people certainly detect it on yo! This is a gift that you give to others, the gift of being surrounded by an incredible aura of scent everywhere you go.  You will get compliments on this time after time, without even necessarily being able to smell why! Many customers rave about this amazing scent that they smelt on a colleague or friend, then wonder why they can’t smell it themselves, that is the joy of this perfume, however. It is unique to everyone and is designed to enhance your natural pheromones, so no two people will ever smell exactly the same wearing this. It’s soft and light, and perfect for those who enjoy an unassuming perfume that is full of surprises.

 30ml, vegan friendly, cruelty free,


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