Mushrooms 4 Life Chaga Capsules

Mushrooms 4 Life Chaga Capsules

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Musrooms4Life Organic Chaga dual extraction mushroom supplement uses wild-harvested Chaga traditionally grown on birch trees in Siberia to obtain active nutrients including betulinic acid. Chaga, Also known as, ' the diamond of the forest' may help Improve immunity, chronic inflammation, blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

60 caps 24g

Ingredients: Organic Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) conk, vegetable cellulose capsule (Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose). 

Additives: Vegetable cellulose capsule (Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose)
Directions: Adults take 2 capsules, 1-3 times a day with or without food.

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