Clearspring Organic Wakame Sea Vegetable

Clearspring Organic Wakame Sea Vegetable

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Delicate fronds of dark green wakame which have a pleasant, mild flavour and a soft tender texture. Versatile and easy to use. Ideal to add to miso soup, salads and stir-fries.

Sea vegetables are naturally rich in iodine, so are not recommended for those sensitive to the effects of iodine.

Due to the nature of the product it is not suitable for those with fish and shellfish allergies, as it could potentially contain trace amounts of these.

Responsibly packaged in a cardboard box with a compostable inner bag.

25g, organic, vegan, gluten free.

Ingredients: Organic dried sea vegetable (Undaria pinnatifida)

Nutritional Information per 100g:

Energy 102 kj / 24 kcal

Carbohydrates 1.6g
of which sugars 0g

Fat 0.4g
of which saturates 0g

Protein 2g

Fibre 3.5g

Salt 0.77g

Iodine 1710 µg (1140% DRI)

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