Eden Perfume 470 Tobacco Vanilla & Spices

Eden Perfume 470 Tobacco Vanilla & Spices

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This is a very distinctive fragrance with a lot of character. It’s highly spicy and aromatic, with strong notes of tobacco and pink pepper overlaid with a sweet, slightly cloying vanilla note. Unique and very powerful, it projects like a bomb and lasts all day. This fragrance is perfect for those who love a punchy, alternative fragrance and who love to smell spicy, woody and deep. Not for the feint hearted - it has the power to make you take a step back if you’re not ready for it! Just a few sprays will be enough to make a lasting impression on all around you.

Top Note Ingredients: Tobacco, Spicy Notes

Middle Note Ingredients: Tonka Been, Tobacco Blossom, Vanilla, Caco

Base Note Ingredients: Dried Fruits, Woody Notes

30ml, vegan friendly, cruelty free,


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