Fair Squared Period Cup

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The FAIR SQUARED Period Cup is a soft menstrual cup, made of fairly traded natural rubber. Period Cups can be used throughout the menstrual cycle, no matter whether the menstrual flow is light or heavy.

Cups typically give you much longer protection compared to tampons because they can retain more than three times the amount of menstrual fluid than a regular tampon. Period Cups are reusable, making them a great environmental choice and can be easily cleaned during the cycle with water or cup cleanser. They can initially appear a bit daunting, but once you know how to correctly insert it, you won’t feel it. At the end of the menstrual cycle, it is recommended to boil the cup for one minute in clear water to disinfect it, then air dry and store it in the provided cotton bag until the next use.
Size M has a capacity of 13 ml, is 6.65 cm high and has a diameter of 4.1 cm and is recommended for women with a light menstrual flow and/or with a low cervical position.

Size L has a capacity of 16 ml, is 6.95 cm high and has a diameter of 4.4 cm and is recommended for people with a light or medium menstrual flow

1Cup, vegan friendly, low waste, fairly traded

Materials: Fairly traded rubber

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