Food Heaven Heavenly Whipped Vegan Spray Cream

Food Heaven Heavenly Whipped Vegan Spray Cream

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Sprayable UHT vegan whipped cream! Great for hot chocolate and desserts.

200ml, vegan, gluten free.

Ingredients: Water, RSPO Sourced Hydrogenated Palm Oil (15%), Sugar (10%), Dextrose, Propellant: Nitrous Oxide, Glucose Syrup, Humectant: Sorbitol, Emulsifiers: Mono and Diacetyl Tartaric Acid Esters of Mono - and Di-Glycerides of Fatty Acids, Polyoxyethylene Sorbitan Monostearate, Thickener: Hydroxypropylmethylcelllose, Potato Starch, Salt, Flavouring

Typical Values per 100ml:

Energy 849kJ / 203kCal

Fat 16g
of which saturates 16g

Carbohydrates 15g
of which sugars 10g

Protein 0g

Salt 0.25g

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