Hybrid Herbs Organic Shiitake Mushroom

Hybrid Herbs Organic Shiitake Mushroom

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The word shiitake stems from the chestnut tree ‘shita’ and the Japanese word for mushroom, 'take'. The use of shiitake mushrooms dates back to 199AD, when they were presented as gifts to the emperor and hailed as ‘the elixir of life’. 

Shiitake mushrooms are extremely rich in polysaccharides including beta-glucans and lentinan.  Shiitake mushrooms are rich in protein and Vitamin C, D, B2, B6, fibre, copper, pantothenic acid, selenium, manganese, niacin and folate.


Ingredients: Shiitake Mushroom

Other Names: Lentinula Edodes,  Sawtooth Oak Mushroom, Black Forest Mushroom

Concentration: 10:1 Concentrated Extract Powder

Servings Per Pack: 56

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