Hybrid Herbs Shilajit Mineral Pitch

Hybrid Herbs Shilajit Mineral Pitch

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100% natural, Highest Quality Purified Shilajit resin in its natural form direct from the high Altitudes of Siberia, in organic Miron Glass, said to be one of the most protective and functional of all containers.  

Shilajit has been treasured for thousands of years in Ayruvedic Medicine as "The Destroyer Of Weakness" and described as a healing tonic against many ailments, including fatigue, stress and inflammation.

Shilajit translates as "Winner Of The Rocks" and is believed to be one of the richest sources of minerals found in nature. In fact, some believe Shilajit contains up to 85 minerals and trace elements.


Ingredients: 100% Shilajit Resin


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