Just Wholefoods Organic Vegan Burger Mix

Just Wholefoods Organic Vegan Burger Mix

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This dry mix from Just Wholefoods simply needs rehydrating, then forming into patties and frying off to make tasty veggie burgers. Makes 4 burgers.

125g, vegan, organic.

Ingredients: Textured soya protein*, wholemeal breadcrumbs* (wheat*, yeast, salt), brown rice flour*, barley flakes*, onion*, vegetable bouillon* (sea salt, rice flour*, vegetables* [onion*, carrots*, parsnip*], yeast extract, sunflower oil*, parsley*, turmeric*), celery powder*, carob powder*, sea salt, black pepper*, cumin*, sage*, thyme*. *Organic

Nutritional Information per 100g:

Energy 1397kJ / 327kCal

Fat 4g
of which saturates 0.6g

Carbohydrates 42g
of which sugars 8.5g

Fibre 14.8g

Protein 24g

Salt 2.7g

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