OrganYc Travel Pads Heavy Flow With Wings

OrganYc Travel Pads Heavy Flow With Wings

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Organyc Sanitary Pads with Wings Heavy Flow are a natural absorbent pad made from organic cotton, which allows your body to breathe and is also extremely kind to sensitive skin. These hypoallergenic organic cotton pads have an adhesive strip and protective wings to keep the pad firmly in place, providing reassurance during heavier days. Because the pads are made from 100% natural materials they biodegrade making them a more eco-friendly period care option. Pads are individually wrapped for portability.

Pads, vegan friendly, organic, natural, low waste, plastic free, biodegradable

Materials: Pad-Organic Cotton & Mater-bi (r) f rom corn starch Packaging: Mater-bi (r) from corn starch & Card from renewable or recycled materials.

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