Which Is The Best Vegan Chocolate?

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Which is the best vegan chocolate?

The amount of dairy free chocolate has exploded over the past few years, and that's so exciting! But with there being so many on offer, which one do you choose when you're getting choice anxiety and there's someone waiting behind you to get to the shelf? 

We tested 4 firm staff favourites, and gave them our rating. 

1. Vego Hazelnut Bar 

This comes in a large bar or a small, but still pretty chunky bar, and not too long ago, Vego came out with a white chocolate version, and even a chocolate spread. Each one is to die for, and possibly a little too easy to eat. 

It melts and is evocative of the creamy texture dairy chocolate can give and it isn't give you a dark chocolate taste, but it remains 100% vegan friendly.  The hearty hazelnut chunks give it a crunch, and are quite sizable pieces too, so for that reason, I wouldn't recommend this one for those who don't do nuts. It now also comes in paper packaging, making it a plastic free vegan chocolate choice too! Hurrah! 

Score: 9/10.

Vego Hazelnut Bar Mini

2. Montezuma Organic Absolute Black

Okay, so this one is dark. Like, really dark. It is actually 100% chocolate. To our surprise however, it isn't bitter. In fact, it provides an oddly satisfying crumble as you bite into it, has a fully bodied flavour, and it may be useful as an after lunch pick-me-up as it contains 43mg of caffeine. 

If you're looking for a sweet chocolate treat, this isn't the one to try, but if you're looking to give your palette something interesting and pure, untainted by sugar, vanilla or other flavours, give it a go! 

Score: 6/10

Montezuma Absolute Black Dark 100% Cocoa

3. Tony's Chocoloney Dark Almond & Sea Salt

Tony's Chocoloney is a venture tackling inequality in the cocoa industry with their fairtrade bars. Some of them aren't vegan friendly, but their dark chocolate & sea salt one is, and is delicious! 

It's not as creamy as Vego, but the sea salt gives it a little extra something and helps to balance its sweetness. Again, it contains nuts, but it doesn't effect the taste, but one to avoid if its an allergy concern for you.

Score: 7/10

Tony's Chocoloney Fairtrade Vegan Chocolate Almond & Sea Salt

4. iChoc Classic

Made with rice milk, this is an overlooked brand of dairy free chocolate. It comes as big bars, easy to portion and is the most balanced in terms of sweetness of the 4 vegan chocolates we've written about here, with hazelnut paste being used that integrates with the chocolate flavour. It has a creaminess that some others don't have, but not quite the melting properties others do have. However, this is an all rounder and iChoc have a lot of different flavours to try, with their white chocolate being a favourite amongst the team with a sweet tooth. 

Score: 8/10

iChoc Classic Chocolate Bar

Don't agree with our verdict? Comment with your faves, your scores and any you think we missed out! 

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