Why You Need To Choose Fairtrade

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You’re probably reading this, or shop with On The Eighth Day because you are a conscious person, who considers the impact you have as an individual on animals, other humans and the environment when you’re choosing what to shop for. Great! You’re a star.

But something that can often be forgotten in conversations around ethical buying like veganism & plant based, organic and plastic free, is Fairtrade.

Fairtrade Standards have three key considerations that you need to know about.

Why You Need To Choose Fairtrade

1. A Fairer Price for Produce

In more recent years, the spotlight has been shone on exploitation of workers, particularly in developing countries, and where a lot of the plants and ingredients we use every day come from because of the warmer climate. Coffee, cocoa, bananas, cotton and sugar are some of the biggies, especially as they are really common ingredients sold pretty much everywhere you go.

One of the main motivators for choosing Fairtrade is to avoid this exploitation of the growers, workers & farmers. Buying fairtrade helps ensure they get paid a fairer price for their work and produce because of the Fairtrade Minimum Price, as well as having improved access to training and premium markets, meaning they are less vulnerable to poverty.

Fairtrade is gradually empowering communities to organise into cooperatives and improve their negotiating position within the supply chain. This can enable them to negotiate a higher price for their product than the conventional market price. - fairtrade.org.uk

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2. The environment

By shopping Fairtrade whenever you can, you’re helping to protect the environment. Fairtrade Standards cover environmental protections including encouraging & protecting biodiversity, and reducing energy and greenhouse gas emissions.

Fairtrade can provide access to finance, support and expertise in tackling climate change, supporting long-term environmental sustainability. - fairtrade.org.uk

Fairtrade also promotes training for farmers, including advice on developing & protecting nutrient-rich soils that support healthy plants. Harmful chemicals are also prohibited if you’re a Fairtrade farmer, and instead natural, less harmful ways to control pests and diseases are encouraged, such as using wildlife for example and switching to less toxic pesticides which are not only beneficial for the environment, but can have a positive effect on the growers health too.

Fairtrade also never seem to stop challenging harmful environmental practices, read about their response to COP26 and their hopes for COP27. 

3. The social benefits

Fairtrade can support workers to realise their rights and negotiate the terms and conditions of their work through trade unions and collective bargaining, offering more control over their future with greater power and voice. Read more about Fairtrade on fairtrade.org.uk

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