7 Things You Didn't Know Aren't Vegan

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If you're reading this, it means you're probably interested in or are trying out veganism! Hurray!

As a somewhat seasoned vegan of 6 years, I have learned that none vegan ingredients find their way into the weirdest of places - I once found milk in some pickled red cabbage, and it's often in salt & vinegar crisps. 

So here's some surprising things you might not know aren't vegan friendly. 

7 Things You Didn't Know Aren't Vegan

1. Alcohol

Don't panic! It's not all alcohol, but some wines, beers & ciders are often made in a process that uses isinglass. Isinglass is a substance that comes from fish swim bladders and is often used to clarify alcohol. Some bigger brands have ditched this in their process although a lot still use it. We've found that lot of smaller breweries don't use it at all, and that's why we stock them! Naturally, we love our Mancunian breweries, including Marble, Alphabet Brewing Co, and Squawk. 
Shop vegan friendly craft beer (may only be available for local delivery).

2. Worcestershire Sauce

Next time you see it, pick it up and read the ingredients. You'll find fish. 

3. Red food...well Red Food Dye

If you see E120, carmine, carminic acid or cochineal, that's a red food dye made from insects. It may be listed as 'natural' food colouring, but this doesn't mean it's vegan friendly. If you're wanting to buy something that is likely to have red food dye in it, double check it for E120! 

4. Wax Candles

It might not be a surprise that some candles are made from beeswax, which isn't vegan friendly. Look out for the words 'vegan candle' or 'soy wax candle'. You might find some that are made other plant based waxes too, including coconut and rapeseed wax. Don't forget about the red dyes too. Shop vegan friendly aromatherapy alternatives. 

5. Fresh and Dry Pasta

If you're walking past the fridges in a supermarket and see fresh pasta, it is really likely to contain egg. This is worth noting if you have an allergy too. 
It's always worth checking if it contains milk too, particularly things like gnocchi. As both are an allergen, they should be highlighted in bold, as well as gluten or wheat, on the ingredients list on the pasta packet. Shop vegan pasta & vegan friendly pasta ready meals.

6. Sweets & Chewing Gum

If it's chewy, you will need to check for animal gelatine. Pork and beef gelatine are often used to make sweets and chewing gum chewy. Another thing that might catch a vegan out, is beeswax used in 'suitable for vegetarians' versions. Double check on the ingredients list. The most commonly used plant based alternative is carnauba wax. Shop Vegan Sweets

7. A lot of cosmetics, even if it says 'not tested on animals'

We all know about cruelty free or 'not tested on animals', but did you know that 'cruelty free' doesn't necessarily mean it's vegan friendly. 'Natural' may also be misleading, but this doesn't mean 'vegan' either. A lot of cosmetics contain lanolin, made from sheeps wool, silk, honey and more. Look out for the words 'vegan' on packaging, companies aren't allowed to lie to you, and this is the best way to find out if your cosmetics are cruelty free. Shop Vegan Cosmetics.

Comment with the things we've missed. 
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