Vegan Meal Plan: Recipes from Our Chefs

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Hopefully if you’re reading this you’ve either already decided to “do” Veganuary, or you’re thinking about reducing the amount of animal products in your life. Ace! We think any change you can make is a good step :)

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One pitfall that new vegans or vegetarians can easily fall into is a dependence on expensive ready meals and meat replacements. While these things are great, and it’s fantastic that more and more vegan options are available everywhere these days, you save money and generally have a healthier diet if you don’t rely on these foods too much. You don’t have to eat lentils for every meal, but it is super important to make sure you’re getting a wide range of plant foods into your diet - whether you’re vegan or not.

A major misconception about a vegan diet is that you won’t get enough protein. Generally speaking, your average person doesn’t need that much protein in their diet - about 50g per day, depending on your weight (World Health Organisation recommends 0.83gr protein per 1kg of body weight). To make things easy for you, we’ve put together a full day’s worth of scrumptious plant-based meals that are easy to prepare and will supply your average persons nutritional needs (we promise). 

For Breakfast: Peanut butter, banana & date syrup pancakes (18g protein per serving)

For Lunch: Tofu & Kimchi Bibimbap Bowl (21g protein per serving)

For Dinner: Sweet potato, Red lentil & Coconut Soup, with Ginger and Chilli (14.7g protein per serving)

Food from On The Eighth Day Cafe in Manchester

Tip: A lot of our savoury recipes include ‘Tamari’ which is a type of gluten free soya sauce. Plant-based cookery takes a little getting used to, especially as far as injecting that extra umami flavour goes. ‘Tamari’, as well as ‘Shoyu’ and ‘Kikuman’ are very deep and flavoursome types of soya sauce that we wholeheartedly recommend - of course you can use whatever soya sauce you have available, but you might need to adjust amounts.

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