Vegan Honeycomb Recipe

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Vegan Make At Home Honeycomb


Honeycomb: One of life's accidentally vegan pleasures. Traditionally and autumn recipe, this honeycomb is too good not to try, and its really simple. Just make sure to keep your eye on it, to make it a crunchy sweet golden treat!



TIP: If you take it off the heat too soon it will become chewy, so keep you’re eye on it and make sure the temperature reaches at least 146C (use a sugar thermometer).

Read through the instructions first, as you’ll have to act fast to turn it into honeycomb. 

  • Grease a square tin
  • On a low heat, stir the sugar and golden syrup together in a pan until the sugar has dissolved, or melted into the syrup.
  • Turn up the heat a little and simmer the mixture until it becomes a caramel colour. It won’t take long, so don’t take your eyes off off it,
  • As quickly as you can, turn off the heat and add the the bicarbonate of soda, and beat with a wooden spoon until it’s all mixed in. The mixture will be foaming by this point.
  • When all of the bicarbonate of soda is mixed in, put the mixture into the greased tin immediately. The mixture will be extremely hot and sticky, so be extremely careful.
  • It will still be bubbling in the tin, but you should leave it for an hour or so until it hardens and is ready to be snapped into chunks and eaten.
  • EXTRA: Once hardened and read to eat, you can cover in melted dark or vegan friendly chocolate and package in small gift boxes for a personal gift.

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