Vegan Sourdough Starter Recipe

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Vegan Organic Sourdough Starter Recipe
We consider this an essential addition to your vegan recipes collection, especially if you consider yourself a baker, as it easily fits into any vegan diet and adds a special touch to cheap healthy meals. Raise your home made freshly baked bread game, by making your own sourdough starter too.

- 200g Doves Farm Organic White Flour
- 4 x 50g room temperature water

  • Mix 50g room temp water with 50g white flour, ensuring all of the flour is mixed in. Leave this semi-covered for 24 hours.

  • Mix 50g room temp water with 50g flour, and add it to yesterday’s mixture. Again, leave it to rest for 24 hours.

  • Repeat this again, leave it to rest for 24 hours.

  • Repeat again. Leave to rest for 24 hours.

  •  It should be a little bubbly by now, but if not, continue to feed it on a daily basis as above, until it does. When it’s ready to use, your starter should smell yoghurt-y.

  • Store it in the fridge once it’s done.

When you’re ready to use it.

If you’re ready to use your sourdough starter, and make yourself a sourdough loaf, remove it from the fridge, pour out half (and put the other half in the fridge again), and feed it with 100g flour and 100g water, 24 hours before you want to make it, to reactivate it.

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